What is Cardiovascular Surgery?

Cardiovascular Surgery is the surgery of the heart and large vessels. Cardiac surgery, is usually performed to treat the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases, congenital heart diseases or heart valve diseases

What are Cardiovascular Diseases?

Cardiovascular diseases, are disorders that generally occur as a result of narrowing and occlusion of the vessels and may result in heart attacks, chest pains or strokes. Also, conditions that affect the heart muscle, heart valves or heart rhythms are considered as heart diseases.

A heart attack is the most common cardiovascular disease in the world and Turkey, especially coronary artery diseases and heart failure, please click here to learn more about heart and vascular diseases.

What are the Treatment Procedures in Cardiovascular Diseases?

In addition to minimally invasive and robotic surgical procedures in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, Cardiovascular Surgery Center is a privileged center known abroad as a center of excellence that also applies open, closed and combined endovascular treatment procedures

What are the procedures in Cardiovascular surgeries  performed in top hospitals possesing JCI accreditations in Turkey ?

Coronary artery bypass surgery

 Heart valve surgery

 Aortic aneurysm surgery

 With the surgery of artery and vein diseases,

 Surgical treatment of congenital heart diseases

 is implemented.

Our Cardiovascular Surgery Centers, which develops a special patient care program for all its patients with its multidisciplinary approach, successfully treats high-risk cardiac patients.

Our Cardiovascular Surgery Center, working in close cooperation with the Cardiology Department, also closely works with our Heart Transplant and Heart Support Systems Center as well as our Pediatric Heart Health and Surgery Center.

Our most  Cardiovascular Surgery Centers in Turkey   cooperate with leading hospitals in cardiovascular health in the world such as Columbia Presbyterian New York (USA), OLV Hospital Aalst (Belgium), Cleveland Hospital (USA) and Methodist Houston (USA).

Our Cardiovascular Surgery Centers have been successfully implementing the minimally invasive cardiac surgery program since 1999.

Our robotic surgery program, which was launched for the first time in Turkey, and our arrhythmia surgery programs are continuing successfully since 2004.

The non-surgical heart valve replacement program, which we have been conducting jointly with our Cardiology Department since 2009, enables successful treatment of patients with high operational risks.