Being perfectly situated between the West and the East,  Turkey  is one of the world’s earliest permanently settled region and has been home of many ancient civilizations. Turkey is a regional power and  newly   industrialized country—ranking very high in the Human Development Index; with a geopolitically strategic location.  It  is a chartered member of the United Nations, an early member of NATO, the IMF, and the World Bank.  Turkey is also founding member of the OECDOSCEBSECOIC, and G20.

Turkey  is one of the few countries  in the world  that offers  a complimentary  universal healthcare covarage  including pharmacare  to  every Turkish citizen regardless of their income and to foreigners  with permanent  residental status.

Taking advantage of her unique  location  Turkey has  become an attractive model country in health  tourism, thanks to  considerable investments made by the private sector and the government’s approach to support it. Beside the fundamental reforms in various sectors in medicare in Turkey great achievements have also been made and the quality of the care and the the number of patients visiting Turkey for medical tourism have increased dramatically.

Today in Turkey a number of modern medical facilities with skilled manpower, specialized and experienced staff, state of the art technological infrastructure operated by  top phycisians  provide excellent medical treatment to increasing number of  international patients.  Equipped with the latest most advanced technologies some 45 Turkish well known medical facilities have been granted Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation with which Turkey ranks second in the world.

An other advantage  for patients is that cost of   high qualty medical treatment  we provide  in Turkey is significantly lower then those of the North America , Europe and Israel.    That makes Turkey  the  ideal destination for you   to avoid long waiting lists and high cost of treatment you face  in  your home country.

Turkey is a desired holiday destination for everyone with world class hotels, beautiful nature, many historical sites, delicious food and friendly people.  Combine your treatment  with a vacation  and enjoy the the beautiful  turqouise waters of  our  beaches on the Mediterranean coasts aand historical sites.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Turkey.