50% US partnership allows LIV Hospital to follow and adopt the very latest in medical developments in the United States, Europe and around the world, and offer treatment and surgery to our patients by deploying latest techniques and state-of-the-art medical technologies (including Truebeam STx, IORT, Pet/CT, PEM, Da-Vinci Robotics, MakoPlasty, Renaissance and Tele-Medicine (the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients via telecommunications technology) combined with the skills of experienced specialists and physicians trained in the US, Europe and around the world allowing LIV Hospital to carry out and offer extremely precise, minimally invasive treatments to provide patients much shorter recovery periods and healing with less pain.

Through the Clinical Exchange Program, physicians from around the world are invited to serve as mentors at LIV Continuing Education Center (LIV-CEC) Medical Center. Moreover, Liv Hospital has the “Endoscopy Training Center” where physicians from 80 different countries attending and also Liv Spine Center is the only training center of AOSpine in Turkey with its fellowship program.

Thus, LIV Hospital’s partnership with privilaged clinics and physicians all over the world through the interactive clinical exchange program helps developing and maintaining the continuous clinical information exchange, learning and improvement for latest medical techniques.


Liv Hospital Ulus was awarded with Joint Commission International (JCI) which is the most important international accreditation certificate and TUV which is the certificate of European ISO just after the foundation. It was also co-authorized after completing the “Center of Excellence Accreditation” in the field of colorectal surgery robotic surgery, and bariatric surgery by succeeding the stringent audit conducted by the Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) which is an impartial international commission. The Center of Excellence Accreditation which can be achieved by very few companies in the world was granted to an organization outside the Unites States for the first time by the concerning authority.

Accredited by the Surgical Review Corporation (SRC)